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Hello, We’re Derzia

Established in 2006, PT Dermaga Rizky Abadi is a communication design company boasting years of expertise in design, photography, and printing, with a primary focus on below-the-line visual communication design. Our team comprises vibrant, creative, and dedicated graphic artists and photographers.

We are a one stop service solution for creative work with professional and the best team. Our corporate team is committed to create the work of creative visual. at which is always adjusted to the wishes of our clients. We believe that the maximum results will always come from the good process. By knowing the best solutions for our clients, is key to achieving their goals in every projects. For the achievement of creativity, we produce elegant creations and works of visual art that have aesthetic value. We are always trying to create an attractive work and in accordance with the concept agreed. High artistic value and quality became the main base for creative work.